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Simplified analysis: The Average Life of a Transperson is 23 years

Just thinking on a quote that said the average lifespan of a transperson is 23 years.  I’m assuming this is a transperson in the United States, which is where most of these stats come from.  The average lifespan in the US is 77 years.

So let’s assume for a second that all of these average transpeople would live 77 years if they were not trans.

This means the average transperson in the US lives only approximately 30% of their life. 

To put this in perspective, imagine that you were born with a crinkle in your right ear.  Society says this is wrong for whatever reason, but it doesn’t affect your health.  Because crinkle-eared people are not welcomed in spaces for smooth-eared people, you cannot hold a job.  Crinkle-eared people aren’t welcome in homeless shelters, so when you lose your home because you cannot hold a job, you have nowhere to turn.  You end up on the streets.  Because of this accident of birth that does not affect your ability to work, learn or love except because of social conditioning, you will die young.  You will lose 70% of your life, unlived, simply because you have a crinkled ear.

And even if you manage to find an incredible plastic surgeon who can fix your ear and, in spite of your reduced earning power, you manage to afford that surgery, you still have to live every single day with the fact that if anyone ever finds out you used to be crinkle-eared, you will lose every single thing you have built for yourself.  You will also never be able to forget the abuses showered upon you and the injustices you faced when you had your crinkly ear.  You will hear those voices your entire life and, if you dare to speak up, show your accomplishments as a crinkle-eared person, you ALSO risk losing everything, so you can’t even help your fellow crinkle-eared people.

Because of this, your fellow crinkle-eared people kick you out of their community.  They’re mad that you ‘went stealth’ and aren’t campaigning for rights anymore.  So you’ve lost what little support you ever had.

You may survive, with that surgery, to your full 77 years, but you will be alone and in fear that whole time.

This is vastly simplified, but just think about this before you next make a ‘tranny’ joke or dismiss a news story of transpeople campaigning for rights.